Moe Speaks: A Walk in the Woods With My New Friend

I do not much like other dogs, but this Leroy fellow--whom I previously dismissed and, I'm ashamed to say, beat up on a little--might just be alright.  

This weekend we went to his house for a walk.  Leroy's Mom and Dad recently rented a new house that came with its very own woods and creek, and suggested that we come out and enjoy it.  The parents (both Leroy's and mine) reasoned that, with all that space and all the toys and food picked up, there could be no reason for us all to be less than sociable.  

We had a wonderful time, wandering through the woods and splashing in the creek.  Although I did have to tell him once to get out of my space, I really do think that, on the whole, the walk was a success!

Dogs2OK, but aside from the fun with friends, the most awesome thing happened.  I almost caught a turkey!  Yes, you heard me, a turkey!

We were walking along and I smelled something funny, so I went off the path into the woods.  Seconds later I bolted him out and he flew off--just barely missing Mom who, small blame to her, yelled and almost fell down in surprise.  It was so cool!  Mom said if I would have really got him, she would have let me eat part of him for Thanksgiving dinner.  


Another funny thing happened while we were swimming in the creek.  Mom tried to sit down on a rock to watch us swim, and Leroy--being the considerate dog that he is--went to check on her and give her a hug.  Oh how she squealed with a wet, muddy Lab in her lap!


The leaves were very pretty, and Mom was excited when she found some deer tracks.  I was excited when I found these tennis balls...until I tried to pick one up and discovered that they are not, in fact, tennis balls.


I wanted to go in this old box car and see if I could find more potential snacks, but Mom said no way.  There's always next time though!