A Tale of Two Hats

Hats are very satisfying things to knit.  Like most baby projects, they're finished quickly, so they're kind of fun vehicles for trying new things.  And even when they don't come out perfectly, it's not heartbreaking.


Case in point.  The hat on the left is my first cable knitted project.  (Pattern and yarn info.)  The hat on the right is actually a bit of a failure.  Although I'm not at liberty to give away the specifics at this time (Christmas), it doesn't look like it's supposed to because the yarn is too fuzzy and you can't really see the pattern.  However, because it only took about one long car ride to do, I'm not crying over the fact that I'm going to have to make it again with different yarn.  (And Sweet Husband has now adopted it as his own--everyone's a winner!)