A Vintage Swap

Vintage Swap Banner 

As another mail-swappy-thing, I also signed up for the first of many Vintage Swaps organized by Heather of Shivaya Naturals.  The requirements for this swap were that we send between three and five vintage goodies to our partners. My partner for this swap was Hannah, who incidentally is from Wales--you all know how we love the Welsh around here!

I sent Hannah these (the "Garland Kit" is to make a "Love Scraps Garland" like mine--Hannah said she really loves vintage quilt bits).

Mail stuff

The goodies I got in return?


Completely.  Awesome. The little bottle, the British kitsch and candy, the hankies, the sewing kit, the vintage knitting needles...just wow!  Thanks Hannah!

Yay for good stuff in the mail!