Rock Eddy in Pictures and Little Descriptive Bits

(Pictures and some sparse words I scribbled down while we were there....some of which actually match up with the pictures I took, but most of which don' to make 'em bigger.)

Wind roaring-rolling up and down the hills through the trees.

Pink and blue sunset.

Moe trying to catch little sparks from the fire.


Slightly creepy being out alone in the woods.

Not a darned thing to do but go for a walk in the woods (and throw sticks, which Moe discovered for the first time).

RockEddy9 Two dogs crashed out (sometimes before 9 a.m.).


Thin, blinding November sunlight.

Coyotes barking outside.  I wonder if Moe and Porter would know how to talk to them.

Wee critters in the woods that make the leaves rustle.

So much quiet--hard to be without the gizmos and noises and constant entertainment.