The Thanksgiving Book

I won't lie.  I spent the entire weekend blissfully crafting for that other holiday, the December one.  But that doesn't mean I don't love dear old Thanksgiving.

It's such an intellectually effortless holiday, really.  We're grateful for what we have, and to show it we're going to eat a lot of food--yum!

And sometimes I think that's the reason Thanksgiving gets smushed over between Halloween and Christmas--because it's so easy.  There's just not that much ritual to observe.  For example, for me, as long as there are chicken and noodles and extra-sagey stuffing, it's a happy Thanksgiving.  (Well, family is nice too, of course!)

In an effort to add a little somethin', somethin' to Thanksgiving, a few years ago I started a Thanksgiving book.  Each year, wherever we might be celebrating, everyone has to write a few words in the book about what they're thankful for.  From my former college roomie (thankful for "wine and brie"--can you tell why I still love that girl?) to my auntie (thankful she's "not a turkey") to a few more witty relatives (one of whom was once thankful for "air")--even Cutie Niece draws in a hand turkey every year.

Because I'm curious what other people do, what are some of your Thanksgiving traditions and rituals?