Friday Night Snacks and a Movie

Without meaning to, we've slipped into the greatest little Friday night tradition.  

I believe it's called "staying in".

Don't get me wrong, we used to be weekend warriors when it came to going out.  A little Free State on Friday (a local brewpub), sushi and drinks on Saturday, darts and burgers at Dempsey's Sunday afternoon...and on and on.  But, in trying to cut back a little--both in budget and waistline--all of that going out just wasn't working.

Several Fridays ago, tired after a long week at work, I decided to just stop by the grocery store on the way home.  I was actually having trouble really focusing enough to put together a coherent dinner, so I just bought some nibbles--bread, cheese, figs, and a box of grocery store sushi.  (Yes, I know those don't go together.  I just didn't have the capacity to care.)  When I got home, there was a Netflix envelope waiting, and--boom! tada!--we put the two together and had an awesome time.  So nice was it, in fact, that we've kept it up for many weeks now.  

The rules to this tradition?  Foods that makes dishes to wash isn't allowed.  (Although we did bend this a little for Pioneer Woman's brie stuffed mushrooms a few weeks ago.)  Foods must be able to be eaten in front of the TV, preferably with hands.  Foods need not go together, but must be yummy.  Dogs must stay on the floor--all four of us just can't quite stretch out on the couch--but snuggling is otherwise encouraged!

(Picture c/o zesmerelda / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.)