Everybody wants to be twenty-nine forever.  It's not quite as magical as twenty-one, perhaps, but still there's a thing about it.  People never say that they are "twenty-seven for the fourth time" or "thirty-three again".  For whatever reason, twenty-nine is a happenin' age to be.

Today, I embark on twenty-nine.  Although I'm comparatively young, I know, I have to say I never thought that my twenties would feel so long.  My twentieth birthday seems like it was...well, almost a decade ago.  Like, back into the ages and stuff.  

(After thinking about it really hard, I'm pretty sure it was the last and only surprise party I've ever had, so you'd think it would stand out.  All I can remember is that it was at Rhi's house--hi Rhi!--and I was wearing a really cute t-shirt and there were jello shots....yeah, I know, those do tend to make you forget things!)

I must be reverting to my youth a little bit though, because this weekend I drug my friends out for a movie birthday party.  The last one of those I had was the second Home Alone movie, which came out when I was twelve.  

It has to be said, there are definite improvements to a grown-up movie party.  

First, the pre-movie food options are much better--we had sushi.  Second, did you know there are movie theaters with bars these days?  Plus, lots of boys came to the movie with us even though it was New Moon (thanks guys...and Sarah!)--I know there were no boys at my last movie party, because boys were not allowed.  And then throw in Robbert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and lots of werewolves running around the woods half-nekkid--so much hotter than that Macaulay Culkin kid has turned out....

Maybe there is something good to this twenty-nine thing, after all.  Here's hoping!

(Photo c/o robbrooks / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.)