A Merry Garland

Garlands--those drapey, festive bits of this and that--why do they make me so happy?  Who cares?  They do!  

Christmas Decorations1

As you can see, this is actually two garlands strung up together.  (Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

The one with the words on it is so easy.  Some note cards, a printer, a whole punch, and a length of ribbon--that's it.  (And if that's too much work for you, go buy this one from Cozy Rosies.)

The little dots are a little more difficult, as you will have to get out the sewing machine, but other than that it's just little circles all sewn together in a line.  You could buy a scrapbooking punch to make cutting out the circles easier, but scissors work too.  I used a combination of scrapbooking paper, sequins, and holiday catalogs.  The sequins were a bit rough on the old sewing machine, but I love the sparkle-y-ness they add!  (Wanna just buy it?  Check out this one by oldyarns.)

(P.S. Just as a disclaimer, I'm not getting anything for mentioning these etsy shops.  I don't know the proprietors, and I haven't ordered anything from them so I can't vouch for anything.  I just think they're awesome, and--since they've obviously inspired me--I hope they inspire you too!)