Some Snow Please


I sometimes think I need to move North.  I don't mind winter at all, but, gosh darn it, I want snow!

I don't care that it makes things difficult.  In fact, I suspect that's part of the reason I love it.  

"Opps, sorry, too much snow.  Must work from home in my jammies!"  

"Drat!  Can't cross all those things off the to-do list--must stay home where it's warm!"

Of course, no matter how bad it is out, nothing could ever stop me from donning thick winter gear and going for a romp in winter wonderland with the dogs.  Let's be sensible, after all, not everything can stop just 'cause the weather's bad!

No major snow for us yet this year--just a little mid-November dusting--but I thought that maybe if I cut up some paper snowflakes Old Man Winter might take a hint!