Cozy Little Winterized Acorns


Don't these look like acorns with sweaters on?  They're not, but that's what they remind me of.  

I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'm going to do with them.  Maybe ornaments?  Present toppers?  Maybe just put them out in a little bowl?  But, the thing is, they're cute enough that I really don't care.

To make them, first you need to go for a nice walk and find some empty little acorn caps.  Then....


Get some wool roving.  Wind it into little balls just a teensy bit bigger than you want your finished "acorns" to be.  Then, using hot, soapy water, felt the wool.  There are many methods for doing this, but what I do is....

  1. Wet the wool ball.  Get it really soaking.  (Hint: Do this in a sink for less mess.)
  2. Add some dish soap.
  3. Knead the ball back and fourth between your hands a little bit, forming it into a ball shape.
  4. Once the ball starts to form, start rolling it between your hands like you're rolling balls of play-doh.  If you can kind of do this step with your hands and the ball underwater, all the better.
  5. If at first it doesn't seem to be working, don't give up.  It can take between five and ten minutes of working with it to get a really tight ball.  Also, you may get a little nubbin that won't felt into the ball no matter how much you work it.  If that happens just snip it off with scissors and keep rolling the ball.

Last, throw your balls in the dryer with a load of towels to really tighten them up.  Then smush them into your acorn caps.  Hot glue will make them extra secure, but isn't strictly necessary.