Comfort and Joy


Noshing...on cookies (delivered from a friend, which makes them even better), Turkish Delight, and Coke in a glass bottle....

Christmas2Inhaling...just-in-bloom Paperwhites and Christmas tree....

Snuggling...under the pretty new/old quilt my mama got me for my birthday (and this one's NOT a "project"--hell yes!)....  

My Pictures
Watching...Christmas movies...Did you know I've never properly watched Miracle on 34th Street before today?  Such an incredible movie, and I love Love Actually.  One of my favorite topics of holiday conversation is which love story in that movie is the best one.  (I'm torn between the kid and the Portuguese woman and the lady taking care of her brother...but the guy that falls in love with Keira Knightley is so sweet...and the guy that goes to American is so funny...SEE IT'S HARD!)


Thinking...about baking up a storm this evening...if I make it off the couch!