A Moving Advent Calendar

Issue #1:  I love advent calendars.  I love counting down the days to anything really, be it Christmas, my birthday, the latest Harry Potter book or movie....But even so, there is nothing appealing to me about pulling an old piece of nasty milk chocolate out of a cardboard box.  In fact, having chocolate out and about anywhere in our house is just a very bad idea in general.  Upshot?  The traditionally little advent calendars sold at the stores just don't work for me.

Issue #2:  Sweet Husband, as many of you know, is a jeweler.  And since people like to buy jewelry for holiday presents--and, don't get me wrong, we like it when they do--his December is sometimes more "crazy-insane-busy" than "merry".

Solution: A "moving advent calendar" for Sweet Husband!

First, I made up a nice little stockpile of treats.  Some were freebies (a note, a book of "jeweler jokes") and some were cheapies (a teeny little moleskin to put in his wallet, some of his favorite jelly beans).  

Then I downloaded these pretty stickers.  

Put sticker on object, put object in place where Sweet Husband will find it, rinse, repeat.  And rather than putting them in the same place each day, to make it more of a surprise, I decided to put each little treat somewhere different.  (Hence, the "moving" part.)

Does anyone else have a favorite kind of advent calendar or other way of counting down the days 'till Christmas?