A Small Solstice Offering

Although I know many people think they're a nuisance, our entire family gets a lot of entertainment value from the squirrels that have built a nest in our backyard.  Sweet Husband and I get a kick out of watching them perch on the fence preening their tails and surveying their territory.  The dogs get a kick out of chasing them up the trees and barking at them.  (I swear they even let Porter almost catch them just to make her feel young and spry....)

And since it's the longest night of the year--and certainly cold enough to be getting on with--I gathered up some goodies from the kitchen tonight and set them out as a small payment for all the fun.

 A little popcorn, orange slices, roasted chestnuts, and some dried cranberries--a solstice feast fit for the king and queen of squirrel-dom!