An Ornament Wreath...Er, Sort Of

IMG_8327 The idea for this project came from Just a Girl.  It's supposed to be--and her's ended up as--a wreath.  

Mine?  Not so much...although it is kind of an attractive "ball of balls", so to speak.

It really should be an easy little project--take ornaments, string them on wire = wreath.

I believe my mistakes were three:

  1. I didn't buy enough ornaments.  I started with 36 little ornaments.  I should have had double that number at least.
  2. I somehow got glass ornaments instead of plastic.  When you're bending and squeezing the wire, trust me, you want plastic.  I ended with 34 little ornaments.
  3. I think the verdict is still out on whether to use a coat hanger as your wire base (as Just a Girl suggests).  If you had the right number of ornaments--or a thin, crappy coat hanger--it would probably be just great.  I evidentially picked the most sturdy coat hanger ever built, which made it very difficult to bend or (when I ran short of ornaments) cut off.  Sweet Husband had to get out the super-duper wire cutters, and even then it was dicey.

Nonetheless, I still think it ended up very passable.