A Merry Little Christmas (Part Two)

Christmas morning we woke up to this outside...

IMG_8987Inside, for the very first time, we filled stocking for each other this year.  We must have both been thinking along the same wavelength, because both stockings contained (among other things) new wool socks!  

(Beautiful but chilly hardwood floors + winter = a newfound adoration of wool socks!)

IMG_8991Presents were opened and general Christmas morning laziness ensued...

...but eventually we 'roused ourselves up to go outside...


Christmas3...where we shoveled both at our house and at our "adopted" snow shoveling house for about two and a half hours.  It was a workout!  In fact, we had discussed going sledding afterward, but we were both starving by the time the shoveling was done...

...so we feasted instead!  I chose bread and cheese goodies, while Sweet Husband had ribs.  Then we had a movie marathon and knitting session, punctuated by phone calls from family near and far.

It was a very nice little Christmas indeed!