Wiping Off the Check Marks, Starting With a Clean Slate


When we were back with the family just before Christmas, Cutie Niece was excited to let us know that her teacher had wiped all their bad behavior check marks off before the holiday so they could start with a clean sheet next year.  

New year, clean slate--it's a nice thought really.

Actually, Cutie Niece reminds me of myself a bit sometimes, because--other than the normal mishaps that come with being a spirited little girl--she's a really good kid.  I'm sure she got about one check mark to the average kid's ten, but that one just rankles her little soul.  I was the same way.  

I am the same way.

I can file a hundred court motions on time, but I beat myself up for the one that gets missed and ends up late.  I can be a good friend day in and day out, but I remember the one time I fell through.  I can be smart and on top of it 97% of the time, but I replay the moments that I'm not.  The sins in my closet are tiny in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes I perceive them to be so big.

So this year, my New Year's resolution is to give myself a clean slate.  To do my best and then let it go.  To consciously work to tell that inner, self-doubting, naggy voice to just shut-up already.  To wipe the check marks off and start with a clean slate....It's going to be such a great year!

Happy New Year's everyone!

(Picture c/o aronski / CC BY-NC 2.0.)