Keeping Warm

There is only one thing I miss about the old house--the fireplace.  It didn't really put off much heat, but just the light and the smell were so warming in the winter-time.  

A pair of our dearest friends actually moved into the old place, and I've seriously thought about knocking on their door with a bundle of wood and some matches.  But that would require walking through the snow, which kinda defeats the purpose.

This year--as chilly and drafty as hundred year old houses can be, and as bitter cold as our winter has been--I've had to find other ways to keep warm.  So far, the things that seem to be working well are:

  • Beeswax candles burning everywhere....we've even been having candlelit dinners.  Somehow the candlelight makes the house seem cozy rather than cold.  And the smell is divine.
  • Down, flannel, quilts, and really just blankets in general....are flannel sheets and flannel pajamas at the same time too much?  Hells no!
  • Scarves....I haven't counted, but if I had to guess I would say there are more than ten in my closet, and I have at least two more in the works.  I find it amazing how a simple piece of cloth wrapped around my neck helps keep me snug.
  • Wool socks and slippers....bless those little sheepies and their fabulous wool!
  • Hot drinks....Coffee with milk and honey, spiced tea, or sake if I'm in the mood for something stronger.

What are your favorite ways to keep warm?