Bella's Knits

There's no point in pretending I'm all cool-and-above-the-frenzy--I'm a big fan of the Twilight series.

But I'm not even close to as big of a fan as Sweet Sister is.  Hence, when I found a whole section of Twilight inspired knitting patterns on Ravelry, I knew I had found her Christmas present.


I chose Bella's La Push Hat and Bella's Mittens, both done in Cadena from KnitPicks (which is becoming one of my favorite yarn sources these days).  The result?

Most importantly, one very happy sister!  I truly think this is the best reception a knitted gift of mine has ever gotten.  (It's always a fear--you can't take them back, ya know?)  Additionally though, I think both patterns are absolutely fabulous.  I may have to make another pair of the mittens for myself!