Because There Are Signs You Just Can't Ignore

I've found that my thrifting/flea market adventures go better if I start out with a list.  There are always many things I want at our local "everything" shop, and if I don't limit myself to things I need I could go bankrupt in there.

The other day, the items on my list were thus:

  1. An old typesetter's drawer to put on the wall for found objects--like this one.
  2. A red or blue or black lamp for my office.
  3. A dark wood box or tray to contain the stuff on top of Sweet Husband's dresser.


I found a perfect typesetter's drawer quite quickly, and was hunting around for the other two items when I ran into the most fabulous pair of butter-colored, pointy-toed boots.

    "I do not need boots.  They are not on the list," I said firmly to myself.

    "Besides, I'll bet they're expensive."  (Flip boots over, discover that they are a mere $15.)

    "Or something must be wrong with them."  (Notice that boots are just barely worn and in fabulous shape.  Actually rub the boots against my cheek because the leather is so soft.)

    "OK, but I'm sure they're not my size."  (Slide off snow galosh, slip into boots, discover they are exactly my size.)

And at just that second, one of the greatest songs ever written--"Red Rubber Ball"--came on the radio.

There are many things I can ignore, but when the universe gives me instructions as clearly as that--on the list or not--the boots came home with me!