Hot Off the Needles


Two pairs o'booties and a scarf!

The scarf is actually one I crocheted a long time ago, but it's kind of short so it needed a little button to keep it all tucked around the neck, nice and toasty-like.  I added one and--tada!--a little present for Nice Co-Worker who loves scarves.

The booties are both stash-busters.

On bottom, a pair of "Magic Slippers" made from leftover sock yarn--lovely, adorable, quick.

On top, the now-famous "French Press Slippers" made from Lamb's Pride Bulky.

I feel a little bad saying this--because it seems everyone in the world is in love with the French Press Slippers right now--but I'm kind of...ehh.  It could be that I just haven't hit my stride with the felting thing (to make these slippers you knit them really big, then put them in the washer and essentially shrink them to the right size), but mine ended up kind of lumpy and goofy-lookin'.  Then again, maybe it's the buttons?  I'm not sure--something just isn't quite right....

Of course, that hasn't stopped me from wearing them constantly--including out in public to knitting club last week--it's been, like, highs of six degrees here and those suckers are warm!