Tie-Dyed Paper Book

Last weekend, Sweet Husband was going through his sketchbook, throwing away half doodled on pieces of paper.  He uses the nice stuff, and I hated to see it go to waste, so I rescued it and made something pretty.

I started out with about sixteen pieces of paper.  Some of it had been drawn or written on, some had a little water damage on the corners, and some was completely blank.  

I also pulled out these bottles of food coloring that I had leftover from egg-dying a few years back.

Then, I filled an old bake sheet with water and plopped in a few drops of the food coloring.  I found it worked better if I added just one or two colors rather than all of them at once.

Then, in went the paper.  After a gentle sloosh, I pulled it out and tucked it into a catalog (raid your junk mail) to soak up as much excess water as possible.  Eventually--maybe every three dips or so--the water started to turn all one color.  When that happened, I just dumped it in the sink and started over again.

Once I was done will all the paper, I stacked it all up and added more dye in strategic places with a bit of rag.  If you stack the papers on top of each other as you do this, some of the dye bleeds through, which I found was a nice effect.

After carefully peeling the paper apart (it's delicate when it's wet) and letting the sheets dry, I folded them in half and bound them into a little book.  There are millions of "how to's" for this on the internet (here and here are two easy ones), but I'm lazy so I just used my little eyelet setting tool to make four mini-books, then strung them together with a bit of lace trim--very 1980's, don't you think?

Tada!  All kinds of ready for my to-do lists brilliant thoughts!