Is it rude to forgo curtains?



After enjoying a pizza making play-date Saturday morning, the Kid crashed hard at nap time.  Whiny.  Sniffly.  Hot forehead.  Boo/hiss.  

So we spent the rest of the weekend sleeping/not sleeping and snuggling and watching movies.

But, last week, before all of that--in a fit of stereotypical pregnant lady nesting, I fear--I decided that we simply MUST clean the roman shades in the living room and dining room.  I had Sweet Husband take them all down, but only then did I call the dry cleaners.  

Guess what they don't clean?  Any shades with non-detachable cords or ribbing.  So, basically, ours.

That gets another boo/hiss.

We had grand plans to attempt to clean them ourselves this afternoon, but then sick happened.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that, sans curtains, our downstairs has beautiful, lovely, very nice light.  I'm thinking of chucking the whole cleaning project and just having windows that are...well, naked I guess.  Un-curtained.

My only concern is--is this somehow rude to the neighbors?  Like, akin to walking around in our front yard scantily clad?

To give you the whole picture, you can only see straight into about 1.5 of the 4 windows.  The others face backyard and bushes.  And, while sometimes there is (human, not window) nakedness upstairs, it's rare that one of us heads downstairs with less clothing on then, say, we'd feel comfortable wearing to the mailbox.

Plus, given the amount of "curtaining" that was there before--about 12 inches across the top and we never closed the shades--it's not really that much different than it was before.  Except that the magical 12 inches apparently lets in all of the amazing light.

Thoughts from the group?