Loving Right Now

1. This thrifted clothes photo set from Buttons McGee.  I really love the idea and the look of thrift store finds--they have more personality than my usual head-to-toe Gap--but I often don't know how to pull such an outfit together without, well, looking like I shopped at the thrift store.  (In the bad way, not the good way.)  Ms. McGee has looking cute on-the-cheap down pat, and I'm taking pointers!  (I really think it's the layering thing?)

2. My co-workers.  Not that this one hasn't occurred to me before, but it's so nice to work at a place where everyone is there because they want to be, and everyone pretty much likes each other.  I love the work, I love the people--it's pretty darned awesome really.

3.  Pickles.  Free cute knitting patterns.  I think I might have to make a Puff Mama soon.

4.  And speaking of knitting, I had to unknit five rows of a sweater tonight.  (Lesson: alcohol and knitting only mix to a certain point and no further!)  Miraculously, even though I thought that I had dropped stitches--I hate unknitting!--when I got back to rights, my stitch count was exactly what it should be.  Not only that, I'm adoring both the yarn and the pattern so much--details on my Ravelry page....I love it when knitting just works!

5. Giver's Log's 13 ounces or less category.  This website is a trove of thoughtful little gift ideas, but the fun thing about "under 13 ounces" group is that they can all be mailed for just a few bucks.  Can't wait to see what she comes up with for Valentine's Day!

6. Wee ones.  Chelsea just had a baby.  Aphrodite, Bird, and (in people I actually know) Stacy, have them on the way.  The cuteness and tiny toes and round bellies and nesting is delightful!

7. Acorn Pies' winter cookout and jek-a-go-go's adventures on the West Coast.  I obviously need some outside time this weekend.

8.  Vintage Heaven's living room.  Sixth picture down.  Doesn't it just look so cozy?  I love how she's incorporated the vintage goods--particularly the throw pillows, blankets, and tray in the background--without making it look frumpy or overly busy.

9.  This hilarious story from Sherando, wherein a defendant tells off a judge to good purposes.  A) It's just funny.  B) It reminds me of a few judges 'round my parts.  C) I think judges with that kind of plain old common sense are treasures.  (On an unrelated note, Sherando has also started a new wine blog--this is a girl after my own heart!)

10.  My lovely bed and pillows and snoring dogs and Sweet Husband.  Such a cozy little nest, that I don't think I can resist it any longer--g'night kids!