Bright, Like the Sunshine

For the past month or so, every tiny shaft of sunlight has felt like a blessing.  From a little before Christmas to almost the very end of January we had almost solid grey cloud cover. 

I'd gotten so used to it, in fact, that the first day the sun really came out, I stared out my window at work for an hour trying to figure out why it looked so "weird" outside.  It was only when a co-worker popped in and said, "Hey, did you notice the sun is out?" that I finally realized the difference!

Perhaps because of the dreariness though, I keep finding myself curling up with bright things inside.

Exhibit A: 

I found this lady last week at our local flea market (delightfully on sale at half-price!).  It's a windmill pattern, and it's just perfectly worn in all the right places.  It might become a picnic blanket this summer, but for now it's the perfect size for couch snuggling.

Exhibit B: 

A big basket of Noro Matsuri.  This is the first time I've ever splurged on Noro, and I'm so happy I did.  I think I'm going to use it to make a bright, sunny little blanket.

Exhibit C:


A Destroyed Cowl made in lemony shade of Cascade 220.  I knitted most of this while playing games with family at Christmas time.  It looks a little complicated, but actually it's just straight knitting.  Then when you get to the last row, you unravel a few stitches on each end, which made it more interesting in a "what's going to happen?" kind of way.  The only tricksey part is the kitchener stitch join at the end.  Mine didn't end up completely seamless as it was supposed to be.  I'm also not completely happy with the way it lays (listen to me whine about it), but doubled up around my neck it is at least very warm.