Swap-y Swap-y [Handmade Swap]



I have been trying not to add things to my to-do list lately, but when Amanda posted about her handmade swap (version 2.0)...well, some things are beyond my willpower to resist.

Up top:  Items sent.  I drew Sarah--raising 4 kiddos in Pennsylvania--and quickly decided I wanted to do something just for her.  I've written before about how nice I think it is to take a moment for tea on a busy afternoon, so I put together a little tea kit, complete with a pretty cloth, some of my raspberry leaves, and a jar of (my favoritest) blueberry ginger jam.

On bottom:  Items received, from Stefanie, yarn artist extraordinaire.  She put together something for everyone--a hat for me, an amigurumi for the Kid, and a flower-y rattle for Little Miss.  Even Sweet Husband has been sharing-in on the chocolates.  If you're curious about patterns and such--I want to make this flower for everyone!--check out her post with all the specifics.

Thanks again to Amanda for tackling the hosting logistics!