Trying is...a Bit Trying

So, on the...well, I guess more personal side of things, Sweet Husband and I are trying to have a kiddo.

Only for a few months now, so we're still definitely having more fun than not (yes, that's a euphemism for "lots of strategically timed sex"), but nonetheless, a few things I'd like to get off my chest....

1.  I'm honestly a little surprised that it's taking this long.  Conventional wisdom (read: teh internets) says you should try for a year before you start worrying that something is wrong.  However, I come from a line of pretty darned fertile women, and have spent much of the past ten years petrified of getting pregnant before we were ready for it.  I assumed that without the magic birth control pill to protect me, it would be a matter of seconds.  I feel tricked and a little silly at all the times I--apparently needlessly--freaked out.

2.  It is so weird not to know what's going on inside your own body.  Like, seriously, I should know if there's something growing in my uterus.  Little lights should start flashing or a text message alert should start beeping or...just something.  The not knowing makes me nutty.  My freaking straightening iron has a "ready" light for goodness sakes--is it too much to ask for my lady parts to come similarly equipped?

3.  For as much as I thought it was a pain in the ass, I cannot wait to get back on birth control.  I never realized quite how much it kept me leveled out on the hormones.  This achy, weepy, bitchy, angry person that comes out once a month needs to go back to the depths from whence she came.  Moe and Porter are kind of afraid of her, and--although he's a saint--I don't think Sweet Husband's very fond of her either.

4.  But hey, you know what, if all else fails, there's always this option:

(Picture c/o Marilyn Jane / CC BY 2.0.)

Or even this one:

(Picture c/o Kendrick / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.)

And those aren't so bad, right?  ;)