A Break for a Legal Binge

I have a binge personality, I know it.  I can't eat one girl scout cookie, I must have the box. I can't just start a hobby, I must read every book I can get my hands on, buy all the tools, and otherwise dive head-first into the deep end.  I can't just have one set of Harry Potter books, I must have five sets and different languages and....are you getting the picture?

Binging gets a bad rap, but it can be a force for good too--it can be awfully enjoyable and even productive to sit down and focus on one thing for as long as you want to.  So, as long as my binges are healthy, I try to just roll with them.  If I want to spend the weekend sitting on the couch marathon-knitting, why not?  If I'm into a book and I don't have anything pressing the next day I'll sit up all night to finish it.  If I want an artichoke every day for lunch, well, they're only in season for a few months anyway, so what's the harm?

And right now, my fingers and brain are twitching like mad to be working on...work.  

I know, funny right?  But all of a sudden I have this burning desire to just buckle down and churn out some legal briefs and other little law-related projects.  Sitting up all night, researching, reading, writing--I'm almost a little nostalgic for law school.  (Which is crazy talk, but there you go....)

And I'm going to just go with this binge, because, well, there's plenty of work to be done and I've got to do it sometime, so why not?

The only downside is that the law stuff does not make for good picture taking or blogging (at least, not blogging in this space, more on that later if it materializes).  That being the case, I'm going to take a little time off from here.  Just a week or so should do the trick I think--talk to y'all again then!