What I Did While I Was Away

Worked.  Glorious, unapologetic productivity.  It's a good drug.  I can really understand how people become workaholics, as there is definitely a high that comes with crossing things off your to-do list.

Knitted.  More about that (and pictures) later this week, but I actually ran out of row counters at one point and started using my hand.

Taught someone else to knit.  Again, more about that later, but suffice to say it wasn't Moe or Porter.

Saw Ira Glass.  As in, Ira Glass of This American Life.  You know, I think if I had gone the journalism route (and I did consider it) he would have my dream job--i.e. going around and investigating interesting stories and people in an "every day" sort of way.  And even for a little ol' blogger like me he had some very instructive things to say about the way to tell a story properly.  If he's near you sometime, go listen to him talk--he's fabulous.

Took pictures.  Of an awesome local band called The Latenight Callers.  I haven't edited the shots yet, but as far as just-out-of-the-camera stuff goes, I'm really psyched.  

Watched the snow fall.  Winter just won't quit around here.  I'm OK with that for another week or so, but come March I want to start tackling some outside projects that just can't be done with snow and frozen ground.  Weather gods, please make this your last snowy hurrah, OK?