Knitting for Peace

What you have to understand about Sweet Husband and I is that, if you were to witness an argument between us, you'd think you were watching a Jane Austen movie.  

"You have offended me deeply Sweet Husband."  

"I apologize, but you have wounded me as well."

OK, actually, we're not that bad, but we are very polite fighters.  Comes with having long fuses, I think--we're just not built to be shouters.

But anyway, the other night we were having just such a polite disagreement.  I was knitting--perhaps a bit vexedly--as we were chatting, when Sweet Husband looked down and out-of-the-blue (possibly to placate me?) said, "Maybe I should learn to knit?"

"Would you really like to learn?"

"Um, sure."

Well, what would you have done?  I handed him some needles and a ball of cotton, and completely forgot whatever we were arguing about.  What can I say?  He knows how to distract me.

While it shouldn't have surprised me, Sweet Husband was a quick learner.  Working with your hands all day is evidentially a plus when it comes to knitting.  And he is certainly more coordinated than I was as a baby knitter.  

Additionally, I think that from now on I will start all knitting instruction with a washcloth.  It's big enough to play with the pattern a bit, but small enough to be finished quickly.  Also, with only 30 stitches on the needles, it's much easier to  fix the inevitable, "What the *&^$ did I just do?"

Lastly, well, how can you not love a guy who knits?