More Knitting For Good Reasons

A few weeks ago I was perusing a newly discovered blog, My Happy Little Life.  The author, Kelly, posted:

"for each year i rack up in age, i want to organize a drive to help impoverished mothers-to-be with their "birth-days". this year i turned 32, and so i'd like to put together 32 newborn kits to distribute to mothers and newborns in need." 

And then,

"in places where women are bringing home their babies wrapped in newspapers, without hygienic means of changing and washing them (please, just imagine yourself in that situation for a moment), there are some basic items that really help . . . ."

Honestly, that's where she got me.  Because I think we all have moments like that, where you really put yourself in another person's shoes and just have to help.  (Of the recent pictures of the Haitian earthquake, the one that disturbed me the most was the one of the Haitian president's residence.  Think about it--if the White House was in that kind of shape, how bad off would the rest of us be?  My fingers flew to the Red Cross website.)

Recognizing that Kelly was feeling that same impulse to help, I really wanted to help her meet her goal of assembling 32 newborn kits.  Among the items needed?  Baby booties.

It so happened that I had a few pairs of those "in stock", and had yarn and time to knit even a few more.

The patterns are (starting top left and going clockwise)...easy knitted booties...magic slippers...angora baby booties...bsj inspired booties...and another pair of magic slippers.

Yay for booties for good!