Wild Critters Walk

I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but Sweet Husband is currently participating in a fitness study. He has to work out five days a week--some of it in a more structured setting--but he can exercise once a week at home. Friday morning he decided to sleep-in instead of exercising, so Saturday evening we gathered up the pups and went for a walk as "make-up". While Sweet Husband and Moe walked laps around us--keeping up the heart rate--Porter and I were a bit more leisurely.


And saw all kinds of critter-activity!

Just for the record, we were on a fairly well-traveled jogging path--it has a sidewalk even, so you know we weren't off in the boonies somewhere.  Nonetheless we saw several hawks, and lot of tracks from small critters.  (I really need to get a book to identify them properly, but, just as a wild guess--raccoons?)

Then I found these little crop circle-y things in the grass.

They didn't look like alien messages, but at first I wondered if they were some kind of snake trail.  A google search when I got home revealed the answer--voles, a.k.a. field mice.

Then, as we were heading home in the twilight, the pièce de résistance.... 

IMG_0104Yup, deer.  A whole little herd of them eating their dinner.  

I think it's kind of incredible how many critters live almost right in our back yard.