In Which I Photograph Musicians and Babies

(But before I get started on that, post #2 is up over at Urban Homesteading, wherein I discuss the book Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmerand how the author might have just inspired me to get myself in a bunny way.  Now, on with the pictures....)

Remember Nice Scooter Friend?  The one that Sweet Husband met online who did not leave him dead-in-a-ditch?  The one whose awesome girlfriend moved here from New York last spring?  The one who threw that way-fun Halloween party?

Well, now he's started a band.  They're called The Latenight Callers, and they're really good--like, in that addictive, can't-get-the-songs-out-of-my-head-good kind of way.  Seriously, I've been humming the intro to "The Tease" for weeks now, and I love it!

(Go listen, really.)  

In advance of their first live gigs, they needed some pictures, and, of course, I was all too happy to oblige.

I have to confess, this was some of the most fun I've had taking pictures.  There was even liquor involved at one point.  Babies?  Who likes taking pictures of babies?

Oh, that's right--me!

The thing is, these Latenight Callers--they kind of exude bad-assed-ness just standing there.  All I really had to do was play with the lights a bit and push the shutter button.

But this little guy?  He made me work for every smile...but it was so worth it!