Vintage License Plate Magnet Boards

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This is my office.  It's actually kind of cozy as far as state employee offices go.  I have four walls, a door, and--absolute joy!--a window, all of which are major perks in a land where cubicles are more often the norm.  What I didn't have, before a few days ago that is, is a place to put my sticky notes.  

I just recently became a convert to the sticky note as a way to remember things.  Most often, they're thoughts that don't have a designated place yet, but need to not be forgotten.  

"Call Fred." 

"Watch senate bill #2." 

"Ponder weird issue x that will be coming up five cases from now."  

I was originally just sticking them to my wall, but then they would fall off into the no-man's land between the wall and my desk.  Then I had nightmares about forgetting something important because it fell behind my desk, and becoming a cautionary tale to young attorneys....beware the lost sticky note!

Bottom line: my clients' freedom should not depend on the strength of post-it glue.

So, I wandered to the antique mall.  I was originally looking for a metal tray, when I found a big box of old license plates.  I wasn't sure if they were made of metal or not, but--right at that perfect second--an older man walked by who looked like he might be able to tell me.  (He just had that look about him--like he knew useful stuff.)  

He did not actually know, sadly, but he did have a magnet in his pocket which was just as good.  Turns out, all Kansas license plates before '76 were made of magnet-able metal.  A trip to the hardware store for some super-duper strong magnets, and I can sleep soundly again.

The reason I'm posting this, however, is not to assure you all that I'm sleeping well.  It's that I think these would also work great for by the phone, in the kitchen, near the door--basically any place you need a bulletin board, but would rather do somethin' vintagey.  

Go forth and find some cool license plates!