Mr. #4's Hoodie

It's a real, live sweater and it made me feel like a real, live knitter!

OK, so it's not quite the commitment that a me-sized sweater would be--I'm working up to that--but I did modify the pattern all on my own-some.  

The basic idea was inspired by the Easy Baby Cardigan (full yarn and pattern details here), but I did not want a cardigan, I wanted a hoodie.  (Don't ask me why, but my heart was set on it.)  So--non-knitters can tune out here--once I thought I had enough space for the kiddo’s head to go through (as a guess, about five or six rows before I took the stitches off for the sleeves), I joined in the round in the front. Then I just continued following the pattern, except that I didn't do the garter stitch border on the front (just knit those stitches), and, of course, I didn't have to switch between knitting and purling.  (Which was delightful--I don't know why, but purling always seems to take longer.)

The mystery Mr. #4 is Nice Cousin's wee urchin, who is expected shortly and may be--if the parents-to-be stick with one of the names they were considering at Thanksgiving--named for his daddy.  (And, note to Nice Cousin, I'm holding you to your word on the pictures!)