Trowel and Error In the Garden

This time of year it's so hard to imagine how--in just a few months--this will be a growing, bustling garden.  Right now it's a mud hole.

But let's dream a bit.  

When I started sketching out this year's garden, I quickly realized that--even with more space than I've ever had before--there wasn't enough the eight beds we dug last fall.

"Honey, how do you feel about digging a few more beds?"

"Do I get a watermelon patch?"

So last weekend we broke ground on three more beds.

I'm still trying to decide what I think of the rocks.  They're functional and--along with many pieces of furniture--they came with the house.  Plus, with just a little bit of repair work each year, they should last forever.  But wood might look nicer eventually.

I'm also trying to decide about the paths between the beds.  We're going to re-seed most of the lawn already, so it would be nothing to hit the paths too...but maybe we should do wood chips, instead?  I'd rather have grass, but I'm questioning how much foot, paw, and hose traffic the grass will hold up to.

Truth of the matter is, the only way I know to go about this is to try things.  Then next year we can keep what works and try new things for what doesn't.

Most of all I'm just hoping the rain and my cold both let up for this weekend so we can get started!