Big Picture/Little Picture

Big picture?  Things are starting to look pretty good.  It's taking less and less imagination every day to see where this is going.  There are still some big rocks to move (the little fire pit at right is just not fitting in with the plan), but overall, we're getting there. 

And the little picture?

The trees are starting to bloom and drop slightly messy, but weirdly cool seed pods.

We dug in some flat rocks for paths between the garden beds.  The plan is to plant grass around them, and try to mostly step on the rocks so that the grass won't die.  Also last fall's garlic is starting to make it's appearance.

 Bulbs on bulbs!  Walking outside is kind of a little surprise everyday, because I don't have any idea where they're going to pop up next.  Although some were sacrificed to the weed burner this weekend, we're trying to save as many as possible.