T-Minus One Week to Chick-a-Dees

I believe I may have been just a little over enthusiastic about the chickens. 

Why?  Well, because, about once a day, someone, somewhere, from close friend to near random stranger asks, "Are the chicks here yet?"  And they're always surprised when I say, "Nope, not yet."  

Yeah, I'm just a little excited.

But it is getting close now--the wee ladies are expected to arrive sometime between next Tuesday and next Thursday.  And after a quick trip to the feed store this weekend we're just about ready for them, although there are still a few last minute to-do's.  

We still need a nice big box for them to live in, and some sort of bedding to put down.  (I'm still researching the benefits of pine shavings vs. plain newspaper--anyone have an opinion to share?)  

I also need to double check with the post office to make sure they will actually call me to pick them up, and not just leave them on my front step.  I've been told that, for sure, they'll call, but as a nervous little first time chick-mother I need to hear it from the postmaster's mouth.

But we have a heat lamp, some starter food, and a feeder and waterer.  

I've practically memorized the "what to do when your chicks arrive" chapter of my reference book of choice--dip their beaks in water, show them the food, make sure their little butts aren't pasted up with poo....I'm surprised I'm not saying it in my sleep!

Also, I am 99% sure I've worked out the name conundrum.  Although Jennifer's Jane Austen idea did give me much pause, I think I've decided to go with indie singers.  Tori Amos and Ingrid Michaelson will definitely  be among our chicks.  Alanis Morisette and Ani DiFranco are also getting tossed around, along with classics like Janis Joplin.

So, other than just a few little things, I think I'm good to go.  Can any veteran chicken keepers out there think of anything I'm forgetting?