A Wee Pussy Willow Hat, Among Other Things

My major knitting project these days has been this:

The bright little Noro Matsuri blanket that I started back at the beginning of February is about 15 more rounds short of being finished.  I'm actually going to be a little sad to be done with it--the yarn is so very yummy to knit with!  In fact, I made it a little bigger than the pattern says just so I could order two more skeins.  (OK, actually, I had to order two more skeins because I misread the pattern, but it wasn't as vexing as it would ordinarily be!)

In addition--as sort of as a break from the blanket--the other evening I popped out this tiny hat.

The pattern is called Pajunkissa, which means Pussy Willow in Swedish, I think.  (I looked it up when I started the project, but I'm being lazy right now!)  I couldn't find a head small enough to model it on, but when it's all stretched out it does look like little Pussy Willows twining up the hat.  (Ravelry info here.)

You can kinda see it, right?