Moe Speaks: In Which I Refuse to Be Neglected

Mom and Dad have been gadabouts lately, I tell you--gadabouts!

First, all our family was in town--truly, in the past week I have been scratched behind the ears by almost all of my grandparents, both aunties, and my wee little cousin--which required some humans-only entertaining out.  Then Mom had to go away for some work, and Dad used that as an excuse for a "Boy's Night".  I am baffled that I was not invited--I am a boy, after all--and Dad came home smelling of cat so I know they must've done something fun.  Then, tonight, Dad's Nice Boss gave them tickets to a funny show called "Avenue Q".  Apparently, it was hilarious, but, again, no pups allowed.

While I was not totally abandoned in all of this--someone was always home for eating and peeing times, of course--my daily hour of snuggling-and-general-adoration was certainly being missed.

When Mom and Dad got home this evening, I sat Mom down and registered my displeasure.  I'm not always 100% sure we understand each other, what with the language barrier and all, but tonight I think she got the message loud and clear--it's time for a few nights of staying in and paying attention to me!  (OK, Porterhouse too....)