They're Here! They're Here! The Chicks are Here!

It's official, I drive with my car radio too loud.  Because both Sweet Husband and my postmaster tried to call me multiple times this morning as I was heading into work to give me the good news--the chicks had arrived!  Sweet Husband finally caught me just as I got to work, so I quickly did everything that was absolutely essential for the day, then turned around and headed for the post office.

There were evidentially several chick orders at the post office today, and when the postal worker handed mine to me he remarked that my box was a little quieter than the rest.  But right at that second, one little chick peeped up very loudly, and we both started laughing.

For the curious, they arrived in a box about the size of two shoe boxes, all nestled in straw, with a little heat pack to keep them warm.  I held my breath a little as I opened it up and counted...1..2..3..4..5!  All 5 chicks peeping up at me!

Even already they have personality out the wazoo!  

The all-yellow chick (who I think is the Buff Orpington) is the little flock leader.  She was the first to find the food and figure out what it was for.  

The little one that's mostly yellow, but has the black stripe down her back (the Easter Egger?) is another bold one, but she's not as smart--she keeps pecking at the glass jars to get food and water instead of using the dish.  

But, I think my favorite might be this little lady: 

She's certainly the runt, and I was worried about her at first because she seemed a little unsteady on her feet.  However, she was the first to figure out how to drink from the waterer when I couldn't get any of the others to do it--the clever, quiet sort!

Right now the chicks are living in the basement in a cardboard box.  Porter is mildly interested, but not enough to attempt our treacherous basement stairs.  

Unfortunately, Moe clearly thinks they're some fabulous new type of squeaky toy.  He was very upset when I banished him upstairs, and--as I'm typing this--he's staring at the floor vents with his head cocked to one side as if trying to figure out how to tunnel through them.

One way or another, I think we're in for an interesting Spring!