A Stormy Day

2010-04-06 18.05.31

Saw this picture heading out of the coffee shop today, and just had to stop and take it, even though I only had my cell phone for a camera.  It just fit my mood so well.

Not a good day, I must admit.  In addition to having a friend that's going through some not good stuff, Fiona the chick is getting downright worrisome.  Sleepy, listless, still eating and drinking, but still so tiny compared to her sisters.  It's kind of a helpless feeling on both counts.  As a do-er kind of person, it's hard to be so ineffectual.

And then, bad news at work.  One of my favorite judges died last night.  I don't want to pretend I had some special connection with him--because, truth be told, he was just the guy that was really nice to all the clerks, and really just everybody in general--but I was sitting at lunch today and suddenly remembered when he was trying to learn to blog and kept calling down to my office for me to come up and help.  And how I was happy to do so because he was just the kind of guy that was so fun to shoot the shit with.  And how he was the first judge that really made me realize that judges are nothing to be afraid of.  Just a few months ago he was giving me hell at oral argument and now he's gone.  That fast.

After work, I went to the feed store to get some electrolytes for the wee Miss Fiona.  I put her in isolation (a shoebox), left her food, water, and a little hardboiled egg, and left for knitting--half expecting to come back and find her dead.  

When I came back, she was still sleepy, but she had eaten a little and pooped at least twice.  When I woke her, she almost immediately started craning her neck to rejoin her sisters, so I put her back in the brooder with them.  I'm still not sure if she's going to make it or not, but--for better or for worse--my optimism for her is starting to come back.  And, at the end of the day, that's something, right?