It's Like I'm a Cat Lady, Only With Chickens


So, things are going to be a bit chick-centric around here this week, as the little ladies have happily taken over my world.  First up, this Sunday was the chicks first real trip outside.

At the end of the second video, you can really see how tiny Fiona is (the littlest chick on the right), compared to Alanis (the biggest chick, who is standing right next to her).

In fact, I took the opportunity to crawl in the x-pen with them and feed Fiona her lunch in the sunshine.

DSC08451Porter took the opportunity to examine the chicks for the first time.  (Moe was locked inside the house, barking his head off.)

The whole line up:  Fiona, Norah, Tori, Alanis, and Ingrid.