My First Wedding

(First off, thanks everybody for being so sweet yesterday.  When I got home it was nice, so I let the other chicks out to play.  Before long three of them were in my lap eating out of my hands [and Ingrid is just petrified of people, so I didn't take it personally].  Between being metaphorically cuddled by you all and actually cuddled by my girlies--well, it's nice to feel the love!  And now, on to something very happy indeed!)

When Sweet Husband first started making custom jewelry, he would almost get ill when it came time to give a piece to a customer.  What if they hated it?  What if he had to re-make it?  Even now--with both of us in grown-up jobs--the cost for a do-over would hurt, and at the time he started it would have been living on tuna cans for a month.  Essentially, there could not be a do-over.

Thankfully, everyone has always been happy with his stuff, and it never was a problem.  By the third or fourth time around, I--while still sympathetic--got to a point where I would tease him about it a bit:  "You know they're going to love it, you're just pretending to freak out so I'll [insert household chore to be done]...."

I gained a new understanding of his feelings however, when, a few weekends ago, I took pictures of a wedding for the first time.

Lovely Bride was a friend and co-worker, so there was no way I could hide from her forever if it just didn't work out.  Also, a thought that hadn't forcefully occurred to me until I was speeding down the road to the church eating JuJu Bees like they were crack--with photos of babies, engagement pictures, etc., you can always re-shoot them later.  A wedding....there could not be a do-over.

It ended up being a gorgeous day, and happy people, well, I tend to think they're kind of easy to take good pictures of.  Looking at the little screen on the back of my camera, I thought I was getting some nice shots, and editing them only made me feel better.  Finally, Sunday morning I sent Lovely Bride a link to her pictures, then held my breath.

And she loved them....phew!


And it turns out that--besides that wee sugar induced freak-out--I loved taking them.  There's something about the energy at a's a "love high".

DownloadsThanks for letting me be a part of it kids!  And here's to your wonderful life together!