The Verdict

IMG_0989 Although, again, it's not 100% until eggs are laid (or not) every person to comment on my "Is this a rooster?" post on Backyard Chickens agreed....Norah is a rooster.

It's an easy enough mistake to make with chickens, but my family actually has a long history of mistakes in sexing critters.  The most recent and infamous story involves a little grey kitten, who has now had--count 'em--four names.

The kitten arrived at my house when I was in college, via my Nice Roommate's Mom who found him in a grocery store parking lot.  We happened to be all full up on pets, but my Nice Mom had mentioned getting a kitty for Sweet Sister, so the supposedly female cat was taken to their house and named Darla.

Upon being taken to the vet for her spay, it became clear that the cat was male.  Nice Brother then started calling the cat Darwin.  (Darla to Darwin--easy to see how you get there, yes?)  Sweet Sister did not like the name Darwin, however, and declared the cat's name would be Frodo.  Nice Mom and I tried to please them both, and called him Frodo-Darwin, which was very awkward indeed.

Frodo-Darwin was not long for my family though.  The other cats in the neighborhood were continually beating on him, and he was not amenable to becoming a completely indoor cat.  For his own safety and peace of mind, Frodo-Darwin was relocated to Nice In-Laws' house in the country, where he was dubbed "Cat", and lives happily still.

Which brings us back to Norah.

I have a lead on a pet home for him, and if that doesn't work out, Nice Farmer/Lawyer guy said I can bring him out for butchering day at his house.  Either way, I want to wait a bit just to be super-duper-extra sure.

And in the meantime, it's been hard to think of what to call him.  I'm thinking "Norbert", although I did toy with "Stewie" for a few hours.  (Yes, it's supposed to be punny.)  Or maybe we'll just keep calling him Norah--"Boy Named Sue" and all that--because it's hard to change it up at this point.

In any event, I'm really grateful that I started with five chickens.  I questioned the wisdom of it when I was ordering them, but now that we're going to be short two, it seems I picked the right number.

Although, as long as the duckies pull their weight we should still be swimming in eggs soon enough!