In Progress

A bit unfortunately, knitting occurred this weekend.  I say unfortunately because, had the weather been what it should be at this time of year, there would have been less knitting, more playing outside.  But, hopefully that will improve soon!

In the meantime, I'm discovering that I really love Elizabeth Zimmerman.  Like, want to play a boom box outside her window, love her.  The pattern for this sweater?  Not even a full page.  Completely concise--not one extraneous word--but everything I needed to know is there.  I did have to do a little research to figure out exactly how to modify the pattern to do the sleeves in the round--I avoid seams whenever possible--but otherwise EZ says it all!

And not only that, the pattern--the February Baby Sweater--has worked up beautifully.  This little guy was just to use up some CotLin in my stash--and honestly, I've got about six or seven little projects in line before I'll get back to it--but next winter I'm so making one of these in my size!

The other weekend project?  An ipod cozy.  Again, trying to work through some leftovers--my stash basket is overflowing, and my poor, abused cell phone could use the cushioning.