Robin's Egg Blue

Found this guy laying the the grass this weekend--freezing cold, but unbroken--and couldn't decide whether to be happy or sad about it. 

Of course, I would have preferred for this little robin to have lived.  Being (obviously) a huge fan of The Secret Garden, I've always loved robins.  And the very first time I dug a garden by myself--and thought I was going to die before I managed to make something palatable from the heavy clay soil I was dealing with--a little robin showed up to help me, just as if I were Mary Lennox herself.  (OK, so the robin might have been more interested in the bugs I was turning up--it was still nice to have a friend.)

On the other hand, that color!

I've heard tell that you can know what color an egg a bird will lay by the color of it's ears.  I plan to test the validity of this theory by examining my chicks eventually, but if it's true, imagine what beautiful little lobes lady robins must have!

Eventually, of course, the egg had to go to the compost pile, but I'll admit I saved it for a few days just to enjoy looking at it s'more.