Becoming One Big Happy Flock

The ducks and chicks are all living outside together in the coop these days.  We let them free range the yard for most of the day while we're at work, and then "put them to bed" in the coop at night.

The first time I put them all in the yard together it was like watching rival gangs.  They'd cluster together with their respective groups and stare each other down, with the chicks making disgusted noises and the ducks forming a little phalanx behind Kaki (the biggest) and lunging, beaks first.

After awhile they just ignored each other, but then little Macy decided to start making friendly overtures.

She'd waddle over to the flock of chicks and quack hopefully.  They'd look at her like she was nuts and scatter.  She'd try again.

Then, one morning sometime last week, I noticed that--while they still tend to prefer their own species--more and more often they all range together.  They're finally becoming a little family flock.


We've also had our first escapee!  We didn't even know it happened until much after the fact.  Nice Neighbor saw a chicken in the alley, figured she was ours, and tossed her back into our fence.  From the description, the culprit was Tori.  Not surprising--she's a very curious little bird, particularly when I have my camera out!