More Fun With Great Grandma Minnie

My aunt and I were going through a box of textiles at my Grandmother's house when I lifted one up to my nose.

"Mmm, this smells like Grandma-Great's house...."

"You mean, like mothballs?"

"Oh....(giggle) yeah, I guess that's it, isn't it?"

I ended up bringing home a quilt, a few tablecloths, and a whole stack of doilies, but I didn't really get a chance to look at them until last weekend.  

I had just piled everything into our spare bedroom and shut the door until I had time to sort through it.  When I opened the door back up a few days later, the entire room was starting to smell like mothballs. I wrapped everything in a big ball and bundled it out to the clothesline for some much needed airing out.


I had noticed the quilt had names embroidered on each square, but I hadn't taken time to read them.  There it was, right in front of me:

Not only that, but both of my great-aunts names are on squares, and there are some family last names that I recognize, as well.  It's literally a family quilt, and it's in wonderful condition too!  Squeee!

As for the tablecloths, they've already been put to good use--and even received a baptism in red wine--and I hope to turn the doilies into this sometime soon.