I Built My Fence of Sticks

I'm not very good at "garden design".  I generally just move things around until they look "right"--often ripping out plants and moving large rocks several times in the same weekend.  (Ask Sweet Husband about that...actually don't, I still owe him big time!)

A few weekends ago, I decided I needed some kind of barrier between the garden part of the yard and the (ever smaller) part that's still lawn.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money, therefore natural materials seemed to be the way to go.  But rocks alone--which we have a lot of--weren't enough of a barrier.  

Then we had a big storm and a neighbor down the way lost a branch off of her tree.  Then we went to Nice Friends' house in the country and took a few dozen more sticks from their burn pile.

From there it was just an investment of time, garden twine, and about a dozen long garden stakes.  I drove the stakes into the ground and tied my posts to them.  A little more tying and I had cross pieces too.  So far, it's withstood at least a couple of pretty good thunderstorms--I think it's sturdy.

The only mistake I made--and we'll see if it really is a mistake in a few months when everything is blooming--is that I fell prey to the garden center when choosing flowers to plant behind the fence. Instead of planting a big mass of one flower, I planted one each of twenty flowers.  I was going for pretty country mix.  I may get a disjointed mess.  

But if it is, that will give me something to do better next year....