A Broccoli Romance


I fell in love with my husband over broccoli.  Not even kidding.  This broccoli, in fact.

We started dating my senior year of high school.  (He was a sophomore--yes, I was the older woman!)  Just about a month after we started dating, our high school band (of which we were both members) took a group trip to Washington D.C.  We were big enough to be separated into two different tour groups, and--of course--we ended up in separate groups.  But one of the days the two groups got together was the day we toured Mt. Vernon.  

While others checked out the house, Sweet Husband and I wandered off on into the gardens.  And for the first time in my life, I saw broccoli growing.

I was not a city kid growing up.  I had dogs and bunnies and goats, for goodness sakes!  But somehow I had never seen broccoli growing.  It was like little broccoli trees just sticking out of the ground...I was entranced.  And instead of making fun--as many sophomore boys would have done--or rushing me along or being bored, Sweet Husband was excited with me.  And--while I can't claim that was when I knew he was forever, because that didn't come until later--that was certainly when I started to think that maybe he was a keeper.

Happy Anniversary Babe!